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Getting Out of Debt: Episode 47

There are strategies for getting out of debt.  That is what this episode is all about.  We take a step by step approach to making yourself debt free.


Getting Out of Debt Show Notes:

Step 1: Get clear on your debts

List out all your debts

  1. Creditors
  2. Minimum payments
  3. Balances
  4. Interest rates

Step 2: Track your spending

Track all your purchases with a spending journal or by auditing your credit card and bank account statements.  You can also try software such as Mint or YNAB.

Step 3: Prioritize your needs

1. What is your minimum living expenses?  What would you die without?  Shelter, food, transportation, etc?

2. List your other expenses in order of importance.  Things like internet, cable TV, cloths, dining out, etc.

Step 4: Make yourself cash flow positive

These are things your can do to make yourself cash flow positive.  This list is in order of least to most extreme.

  1. Request lower interest rates on credit cards
  2. Reduce lifestyle expenses
  3. Maximize income. (Work more hour, get a raise, get a second job)
  4. If in collections, negotiate reduced payments
  5. Stop paying creditors (prioritize based on consequences)
  6. Get help from people who don’t charge interest, like family and friends.
  7. If all else fails, consider bankruptcy

Step 5: Setup an Emergency Fund

$1000 emergency fund so you don’t use credit when something goes wrong

Step 6: Don’t give up
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Financial Stages: Episode 46

We really haven’t spent time talking about financial stages.  If you was to get financially secure, you’ll need to know where you are and where you are going.  Learn what stage you are at and how you can process to the next level.  This can begin your journey to financial abundance.

Financial Stages

Financial Stages Show Notes:

Stage 0:  Financial Dependence – Needing the support of parents, welfare, or creditors.

Stage 1: Financial Solvency – supporting yourself on your own income without the help of others.  Current on all your bills.

Stage 2: Financial Stability – Having an emergency fund, rainy day fund, cash reserves, or buffer account.

Stage 3: Debt Freedom – Paying off all credit cards, car loans, consumer debt, student loans, and mortgages.

Stage 4: Financial Security – Investments & passive income pays for your basic living expenses.

Stage 5: Financial Independence – Investments & passive income pay for your lifestyle expenses.

Stage 6: Financial Freedom – Investments & passive income pays for your lifestyle and future goals or endeavors.

Stage 7: Financial Abundance – Investments & passive income pay for more then your needs & wants.

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Social Hacks: Episode 45

On this episode we talk about social hacks and tricks to turn you into a savant.  We look at several secrets that are seldom discussed.

Social Hacks

Social Hacks Show Notes:

Use some Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  We have discuss mirroring and anchoring on this episode.  Both techniques can be used to create comfort, build trust, and influence relationships.

Remembering names can be hard but there is no sweeter sound so a person.  We look at 3 different ways to memorize the names of people you meet.

We look at the causes of approach anxiety to uncover its origins.  Once you identify the cause of your fear to meet strangers it is often much easier to overcome.

On this episode we dissect the ingredients that make up a great question.  Asking great questions will help others open up around you and get the conversation moving.

Lastly we look at some lesser known signs the live within our body language and how to read them.

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Deepening Relationships: Episode 44

On this episode we talk about deepening relationships.  Take friendships to romances or just take your existing relationship to new levels.  We finally got live video working and you can watch that below.

Deepening Relationships

Deepening Relationships Show Notes:

Get Aligned
Find ways to make your relationship goals match.  Ensure that your finances and resources are understood.  Make sure that your future goals are clear to each other.  Do you just want to date or are you looking to settle down?

Relationship Phases
Learn the phases that every relationship goes through.  Once you understand the phases, you can expedite the seriousness of the relationship.

Find your Differences
Your differences do not have to be a wedge that comes between you.  They can act as a tool.  How does your partner communicate, feel loved, and recharge.

Create more Commonalities
Design experiences with each other so that you have shared stories. Make your journey intertwine with each other and there will be closeness that extends beyond attraction.

Work on you & not them
It is natural to desire differences in your partner and you may feel compelled to help change them  You already know that you can’t, so don’t waste your time.  Focus on becoming the best version of you.

Create Unity
Support their endeavors whenever possible.  Show appreciation.  Become a unified front in facing mutual challenges.  All this will help you live the life you want to have with them.

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Small Talk Tactics: Episode 43

On this episode we talk about “small talk.”  We discuss how  to increase your comfort when going to a social outing and manage the anxiety that can come with it.  We also tried changing our recording rig.  I didn’t hit record, so there’s no video on this episode.  Sorry.

Small Talk Tactics

Small Talk Tactics Show Notes;

  1. Know that others may be just as uncomfortable, shy, and unfamiliar as you.
  2. Make your focus about others and not about yourself.  Try these 4 magic words  “…and what about you?”
  3. Check your body language.  93% of communication is nonverbal. 38% is tone and 55% body language.
  4. Preparation by knowing what you are getting yourself into.  Ask question like; Why are you there?  What should you expect?  How can you prepare?
  5. Focus on making  a good first & last impression.
  6. Find interesting ways to talk about what you do.
  7. Dress for success.
  8. Look for opportunities to provide compliments & appreciation.
  9. Find common ground with things all people encounter.
  10. Connect with people who are alone.
  11. Balance your comments between observations, asking questions, & personal disclosure.
  12. Never be mean to to anyone.  It will make you the villain to someone.
  13. Give your full attention.  It will silence your mind.
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Mental Toughness of Navy SEALs: Episode 42

What does it take to be a Navy SEAL?  Strength, conditioning, training?  Maybe there is something more elusive then physical toughness.  This week we look at the mental toughness of the Navy SEALs and techniques that they use to attain it.

Navy SEALs

Mental Toughness of Navy SEALs Show Notes:
  1.  When a project seems to big to tackle, try breaking it up into section.  As the old cliche goes, “How do you eat an elephant?…One bite at a time.”   If you find a project to be overwhelming, break it into sections that can be completed in 24 hours or less.
  2. Visualize the success that you will have.  Your mind has a hard time distinguishing between reality and imagination.  Use that to your advantage by rehearsing the success you will achieve.
  3. Take control of your emotions.  There is nothing wrong with harnessing your emotions for motivation but you don’t want to be ruled by them.  Take some deep breaths or try the breathing exercise used by the Navy SEALs that we discuss in this episode.
  4. Do react to the events taking place around you without constructing a positive interpretations to the events.  As Epictetus said “Men are disturbed not by things, but the view they take of them.”
  5. When you are feeling down, look for the small victories that are taking place all around you.  By acknowledging the small wins that you are having repeatedly, you can compound them to have a larger impact on your optimism.
  6. Surround yourself with likeminded people.  Those who share the same values and goals with you will hep reinforce your beliefs and justify your efforts.  You will likely do more for someone else then you will do for yourself so make sure that what those around you need, is for you to succeed.

Want to know more?  Check on this weeks episode.

You can watch the video here.

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Becoming an Expert: Episode 41

On this episode we talk about what it takes in becoming an expert.  We look as how you should choose what to be an expert at, how to learn your expertise, and how to share your expertise with the world.

Becoming an Expert

Becoming an Expert Show Notes:

We started the show by talking about the show called ‘Spy Escape’.  I had complimentary tickets but it turns out that the tickets were $1,500 each.  Wow!!!  Here’s a link if you want to learn more.

Step 1 at becoming an expert is to decide what you will be an expert in.  Find your niche and define your speciality.  Don’t worry that you might limit your audience size.  It is better to be very specific then it is to be too diverse.

Commitment is key.  The book ‘The Talent Code‘ says that you will do 400% better if you have a long term commitment to becoming an expert.

When learning your expertise make sure that you spend your time focusing on the 20% of the material that produces 80% of the results.

Find ways of sharing your expertise.  Start a podcast, blog or hold a seminar.  This will make you a better expert and will promote your expertise with others.

There is a lot more that we talked about, but you’ll have to tune into the show to hear it.  Hope you enjoy.

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Reframing – The art of thinking differently: Episode 40

On this episode we look at reframing.  Also known as the art of thinking differently.  How do you change the meaning of the events around you to be uplifting, inspiring, and motivating.


Reframing Show Notes:

The steps we cover in this episode are:

  1. Get logical – Understand the situation your in from a purely objective perspective.
  2. Get Emotional – Identify why you are feeling the way you are and what benefit those feelings are bringing to your life.
  3. Find alternative beliefs – Look for alternative views that could support more positive outcomes in your future.

We also look at the ABCs.

  • A = Action
  • B= Beliefs
  • C= Conclusion

Everyone jumps to conclusions before knowing all the information.  Yes, even you.  If you want to reframe that conclusion, you have to change your beliefs.  By changing a belief, it will modify your conclusion until you gather more information.

If that made you curious, then find out more by tuning into this episode.

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Monogamish: Episode 39

This episode was requested by one of our listeners.  You ask, we deliver.  We talk about monogamy, polyamory, and everything in between.  If you have ever wondered about people with open relationships, and how they make it work, this is the episode for you.

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