On this episode we talk about what it takes in becoming an expert.  We look as how you should choose what to be an expert at, how to learn your expertise, and how to share your expertise with the world.

Becoming an Expert

Becoming an Expert Show Notes:

We started the show by talking about the show called ‘Spy Escape’.  I had complimentary tickets but it turns out that the tickets were $1,500 each.  Wow!!!  Here’s a link if you want to learn more.

Step 1 at becoming an expert is to decide what you will be an expert in.  Find your niche and define your speciality.  Don’t worry that you might limit your audience size.  It is better to be very specific then it is to be too diverse.

Commitment is key.  The book ‘The Talent Code‘ says that you will do 400% better if you have a long term commitment to becoming an expert.

When learning your expertise make sure that you spend your time focusing on the 20% of the material that produces 80% of the results.

Find ways of sharing your expertise.  Start a podcast, blog or hold a seminar.  This will make you a better expert and will promote your expertise with others.

There is a lot more that we talked about, but you’ll have to tune into the show to hear it.  Hope you enjoy.

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