On this episode we talk about deepening relationships.  Take friendships to romances or just take your existing relationship to new levels.  We finally got live video working and you can watch that below.

Deepening Relationships

Deepening Relationships Show Notes:

Get Aligned
Find ways to make your relationship goals match.  Ensure that your finances and resources are understood.  Make sure that your future goals are clear to each other.  Do you just want to date or are you looking to settle down?

Relationship Phases
Learn the phases that every relationship goes through.  Once you understand the phases, you can expedite the seriousness of the relationship.

Find your Differences
Your differences do not have to be a wedge that comes between you.  They can act as a tool.  How does your partner communicate, feel loved, and recharge.

Create more Commonalities
Design experiences with each other so that you have shared stories. Make your journey intertwine with each other and there will be closeness that extends beyond attraction.

Work on you & not them
It is natural to desire differences in your partner and you may feel compelled to help change them  You already know that you can’t, so don’t waste your time.  Focus on becoming the best version of you.

Create Unity
Support their endeavors whenever possible.  Show appreciation.  Become a unified front in facing mutual challenges.  All this will help you live the life you want to have with them.

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