We took a long break but we are back.  On this episode we introduce a new cohost, Dave Johnson.  We also looked at what everyone is looking for.  How do you become happy?


Happiness Show Notes:

Can money buy happiness?  It can certainly buy some freedom.  Ironically money can be just as much a constrictor of freedom when it is used to buy liabilities.

So if money isn’t the solution, then what is.  We look at four real sources of happiness that you can harness to make you happy.

1. Connection with other.  Spending time with friends, family, coworkers, and even strangers has been shown to dramatically increase your happiness.

2. Contribution will make you smile.  Give a few bucks to someone who can use it.  Offer your time to a charity.  Donate your unneeded stuff to someone who want it.  It will make you feel great.

3. Show some gratitude.  Being thankful will make you happy.  Don’t waist your time with feeling entitled.  Write a litter to someone you love and count all your blessings.

4. Play some games and have some fun.  It seems obvious that play increases happiness so why not do it.  It’s an investment in your smile lines.

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