Should I be afraid of this episode of the podcast?  There s a lot that people fear but rarely is it worth the stress.  On this episode we are going to look at ways of overcoming your fear.

Overcoming Your Fears

Overcoming Your Fears Show Notes:

Identifying Fear.  Is the fear you’re feeling really fear?  Is it just excitement or maybe anxiety?  If it is fear, then you need to identify it’s source.

Get real about how valid your fear is.  Is a daddy long legged spider really dangerous to you?

The simplest approaches to addressing your fears are often effective enough to overcome them.  Here are a few easy techniques to try before resorting to more sophisticated or extreme measures.

1. Journaling – Just write down how your feeling, what your feeling, & when your feeling it.

2. Stay positive – Sometimes a positive attitude and gracious approach is enough.

3. Watch others – Learn from the psychology of other people.

4. Breathe – Focusing on your breath can have a huge impact on your thoughts.

5. Face it – Sometimes facing your fears is all you need to do to realize they are not rational.

If the easy approaches don’t work you get try the more advanced tactics.

1. EFT Emotional Freedom Technique

2. Sedona Method of questioning

3. The Work Worksheet

Get help fro therapy, NLP practitioners, and/or the support of a friend, family or coach.  You can also read up on the kind of fear you have to learn how others may have addressed that fear.

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