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Free Stuff: Episode 77

On this Episode of the Designer Strategy Podcast, we look at the cliche idiom that “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  More importantly, where can you find that trash and make it your treasure.

Dave also mentions Ebates.  If you would like to use his affiliate links, click here.

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Passwords: Episode 76

Have you ever wanted to know how to secure your identity online?  Have you been worried that your accounts could be vulnerable?  On this episode, we look at how personal internet security is most commonly exploited and what you can do about it.  We also take a look at the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard.  Enjoy.


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Time Management: Episode 73

This episode of the show is all about how to manage your time.  Some of the steps we talk about are:

1. Delegate tasks (Episode 72 GTD)

2. Prioritize (important or urgent)

3. Avoid procrastination (Episodes 19-21)

4. Schedule your future

5. Avoid stress (stress = more work then our ability)

6. Set deadlines & hit them (avoid pileups)

7. Start early (Episode 4 morning rituals)

8. Take breaks (downtime is for relaxing, not dwelling)

9 Learn to say NO

10. Organization (prevents you from doing things twice)

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Sites that Rock: Episode 69

On this episode we look at website that most people don’t know about that provide awesome tools.  Here is the list of URL’s from the episode.

  1. haveibeenpwned.com
  2. deslide.clusterfake.net
  3. freefoodguy.com
  4. myfridgefood.com
  5. 10minutemail.com
  6. procon.org
  7. camelcamelcamel.com
  8. paperrater.com
  9. lucyphone.com
  10. CleverLayover.com
  11. runpee.com

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Accelerated Learning: Episode 68

On this episode, we look at how you can learn new skills at a faster speed.  Here are some of the tactics.

  1. Syntax.  The order you take when learning new skills
  2. Benchmarks.  Set goals that are time bound.
  3. Simplify.  Turn anything complicated into simple steps.
  4. Simulate.  Make your practice as real as possible.
  5. Single Task.  Block out distractions.
  6. 80/20.  Focus on the 20% of the work that makes 80% of the results.
  7. Model.  Identify psychological characteristics of the successful.
  8. Recover.  Rest turns short term memories into long term skills.

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