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Situational Leadership: Episode 67

On this episode we look at the leadership style known as situational leadership.  This process incorporates your leadership style changing dynamically based on the situation of those who you help.

Learnings phases:

  1. High Confidence / Low Competence
  2. Low Confidence / Low Competence
  3. Low Confidence / High Competence
  4. High Confidence / High Competence

Leader phases:

  1. Low Supportive / High Directive
  2. High Supportive / High Directive
  3. High Supportive / Low Directive
  4. Low Supportive / Low Directive

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Emotional Intelligence: Episode 63

You may have a high IQ but what about your EQ.  Your intellectual quotient is coveted by your emotional quotient is a much better indicator of your future success.  On this episode of the podcast, we talk about the competencies that make up your EQ.  They are;

Self Awareness
Emotional Self-Awareness

Self Management
Emotional Control
Achievement Orientation
Positive Outlook

Social Awareness
Organizational Awareness

Relationship Management
Coach & Mentor
Conflict Management
Inspirational Leadership

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What is Your Purpose: Episode 62

What should you be doing with your life?  Time is valuable and no one want’s to spend it on the wrong thing.  On this episode of the podcast, we try to answer that question.  We suggest that you focus on an overlap of 3 different areas.

  1. What are you credible in?
  2. What are you passionate about?
  3. Where is the demand?

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Making the Right Choice: Episode 61

On this episode we force co-host Dave Johnson to wear a fox mask & talk about how to make the right choices.  Perhaps you should start by identifying which of the 5 kinds of choices your decision is.  They are;

1. Command Decisions- Definitive choices made by you
2. Delegated Decisions
3. Avoided Decisions
4. “No-brainer” – Obvious choice
5. Collaborative Decisions

Maybe this flow chart will help with your choice.

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