Want to make some passive income?  Me too.  Passive income is a form of money that is generated without being in exchange of your labor.  Basically it is money that you make while you sleep.  On this episode, we look at several different forms of passive income, so that you can decide which kind is right for you.

Passive Income

Passive Income Show Notes:

Here is the list of passive income streams that we discuss on this episode.

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Digital Advertising on blog or youtube.
  3. Selling Digital Products – eBooks, Audiobooks, Music, iOS/Android Apps
  4. Create an Online Membership Site
  5. Selling Other Peoples Services
  6. Selling Physical Products – Easy, Amazon, Ebay
  7. Sell Someone else Products
  8. Royalties – Performing, Stock photos/video, Artwork
  9. Invest in Stocks & Bonds that pay dividends
  10. Money Machines – vending machines, arcade games, laundromats, ATMs
  11. Rent Out Equipment – tools, party supplies, vehicles, photography, video , audio equipment
  12. Real Estate
  13. Own a Business

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