On this episode we talk about “small talk.”  We discuss how  to increase your comfort when going to a social outing and manage the anxiety that can come with it.  We also tried changing our recording rig.  I didn’t hit record, so there’s no video on this episode.  Sorry.

Small Talk Tactics

Small Talk Tactics Show Notes;

  1. Know that others may be just as uncomfortable, shy, and unfamiliar as you.
  2. Make your focus about others and not about yourself.  Try these 4 magic words  “…and what about you?”
  3. Check your body language.  93% of communication is nonverbal. 38% is tone and 55% body language.
  4. Preparation by knowing what you are getting yourself into.  Ask question like; Why are you there?  What should you expect?  How can you prepare?
  5. Focus on making  a good first & last impression.
  6. Find interesting ways to talk about what you do.
  7. Dress for success.
  8. Look for opportunities to provide compliments & appreciation.
  9. Find common ground with things all people encounter.
  10. Connect with people who are alone.
  11. Balance your comments between observations, asking questions, & personal disclosure.
  12. Never be mean to to anyone.  It will make you the villain to someone.
  13. Give your full attention.  It will silence your mind.
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