On this episode we talk about social hacks and tricks to turn you into a savant.  We look at several secrets that are seldom discussed.

Social Hacks

Social Hacks Show Notes:

Use some Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  We have discuss mirroring and anchoring on this episode.  Both techniques can be used to create comfort, build trust, and influence relationships.

Remembering names can be hard but there is no sweeter sound so a person.  We look at 3 different ways to memorize the names of people you meet.

We look at the causes of approach anxiety to uncover its origins.  Once you identify the cause of your fear to meet strangers it is often much easier to overcome.

On this episode we dissect the ingredients that make up a great question.  Asking great questions will help others open up around you and get the conversation moving.

Lastly we look at some lesser known signs the live within our body language and how to read them.

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